Self Employment


self employmentWhat Does Self Employment mean?

The Definition according to wiki means (Self employment is the act of generating one’s income directly from a consumer as opposed to being an employee of a business (or person).)

In this case how can we get started on doing this?

Really quite simple in this business we look at the benefactors of being Motivated and Self driven to work for yourself.

Being able to blog everyday and posting videos online is no challenge at all, In fact if your someone who likes to get behind a computer screen and soak up information and opening your mind to something new.

Now we are getting some where, Putting your self into the correct mindset and being happy in your life can be very helpful towards a new happier you!


Now being your own boss is even better, how many times when you have been at work and just said screw this and just wanted to chuck in the towel?

I’ve been there and done it and also seen many of my friends and family do the same, Don’t get me wrong I’ve seen a few do it in the home business as well but it’s not quite as harsh.

A nice saying from Rich Dad, Poor Dad written by “Robert T. Kiyosaki”

“You’re only poor if you give up. The most important thing is that you did something. Most people only talk and dream of getting rich. You’ve done something.”

Really puts your life into the lime light doesn’t it? Give you some prospective and a lot to think about as a person. I’m even betting you been down this road many times and you just know it to be all to true about making decisions.

Never Give up

Gaining self employment weather your a sit at home mother, retired perhaps injured? or just simply cannot find any work, Realistically the Unemployment rate is so high in many countries, Just think all the bills are going up…. Fuel, Electricity, Bank Payments, all of these and also being employed your pay is less.

Nothing ever goes backwards does it? More money less money going out, Or even just the fact you have no money and cannot make any payments regardless, it’s getting quite ridiculous out there today.


-> Self Employment


Create a job for your self but an easy one, so you can stay at home perhaps and attend to your family or friends and cut out the average 9-5 job, To many people just live by this rule today and keep reliving it.

 ”To many people just live by this rule today and keep reliving it.”

Am I right? I’ve seen people just burn the candle at both ends and just cannot work physically any more, so what can they do to earn living if that’s all they know?

Reading and searching for information is a good way to start and turn over a new leaf, in that respect almost like going back to school but not dealing with all the drama’s like we all have at one stage in our life.

-> Change my life today

Self Employment

Self employment gives you a lot of benefits as explained above, It takes hard work but it’s easy work in this business, Blogging, Making videos, Reaching out to others and helping them to succeed and coach them.

All which in the end are very achievable targets doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, young or old, able or disabled, all the same at the end of the day.

Really you have your own destiny to make and that’s your choice.

Thanks for reading :)

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Social Syndication


social syndicationSocial Syndication

It alone can help you to become something much bigger than yourself, Sharing other peoples work and working along side them can help you be on top.


Here are some places where you can go to get your roll going.

My Top 10 List (Be Mindful this is my own personal list)

1. Facebook

It’s not as saturated as you think, It has billions of users on there including, Groups, Pages that cover different varieties and tastes to your own desire.


I got my reasoning for putting this here, even tho youtube might get more users, Videos can go viral on this site for tho’s new to the business, Keep uploading.

3. Youtube

Just as good alot of people smash this but it won’t get any higher with me it takes more than just one video to take off.  Just my opinion


This site is fantastic to reproducing traffic to your content, However it does take some work as mentioned above working with others can help and using this site is a good idea.

5. Twitter

Following others and being almost like public media Social Syndication here is a bit tricky you need good content and followers,  I suggest plug into Empireavenue for this to get a start.


-> Check out how to make money online.


6. Google+

Checking other peoples content on a daily basis and following plus sharing others content to grab attention, this one isn’t that hard and very easy to use.

7. Linkedin

Altho I haven’t used this as much as i would like, It is a solid place to get content sharing going and getting others to check out your stuff.

8. Vimeo

Good place for storage, It takes them a while to process your video’s but what takes it down a peg is you gotta pay for priority processing if you want videos to be viewable faster.


Good place to go, people just check out your gear like no tomorrow, As long as upload your data in PDF or DOC, They do have other one’s that can be used but PDF mainly for me, many views and I like that.

10. Instagram

Being restricted to sharing using smart phones mostly for pictures, you still have very minimal access via pc or other devices to the point you can just browse that’s it.


-> Give me a clue!

 Social Syndication

Is a fantastic way to get you out there, there is so many networks and new ones opening all the time.

Anyone can become known these days with the right tools in hand, Just a PC and your Phone to make videos of your self is better tech then we had 20 years ago.

Had any of this existed years ago before 1998 when the internet truly came out, I can bet that there would be alot of successful people in the world….

Only as time goes on it all continues to change.

With Social Syndication you can aim as high as you want, it’s only you that’s holding yourself back.

On that Note, Social Syndication calls on my next video. Chow for now.

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Points of Authority


authHaving brain storm idea’s something to feast on.

I listen to the big D’s,

Dave Wood & Dave Sharp




These guys are good at what they do because where you stand as a reader, They have been and done for many years until they made success in this business.


They developed a concept that works for anyone who isn’t up to Par with today’s page.




 -> Show me the Goods




Started out young he made his Points of Authority just by investing in him self and became a star in his own right, Both the Dave’s work together to show up how it’s possible to make 10 Thousand a month.

Points of Authority

Here are idea’s on how you can get off the ground and use to your advantage.

Think about how you could spend time at home and be with family, friends and say I don’t want to be apart of the work force no more. Perhaps another reason?

You need to say to your self, OK, it’s time to break the chain and making a new start to life.

As mentioned in my last post….. -> Here

to inspire others you must be passionate about what you do.

I put you to this, 90 day challenge on how you can turn your life around and become something so much more and valuable as opposed to what someone things your worth?

No one has the right to think even suggest this, your worth is priceless and for that you should be proud….

Proud of who you are and what your about.

Take a stand and think how can you make it your mission to stand out of the crowd?

Points of Authority

For the most part it’s about you at the end of the day, why should you  answer to anyone but yourself? Am I right? for sure if you take the time to reinvent your self and make a change today, Tomorrow is a new day.

Think your self tomorrow but what you use to be yesterday.

I can’t tell you how to live your life….. But I can show you how.




-> What is this about?




In most cases people are closed minded and don’t want to learn something new, Just live rinse and repeat the same old life as they have always done for, days, weeks, centuries….

Invest in your self and for that….. You will learn the importance of your own worth, piece of mind and self value.

Develop tho’s Points of Authority and make a stand today, It’s worth it.

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Inspire Others


inspire-others-2-5-c195f9ba-sz500x500-animateHey Folks!

I like to inspire others with what I do and see, One of my main hobbies I like to do is Gaming.

Right now I am sharing this side by side with my online marketing and recording my self during game play and doing educational videos that will help teach you to be a better person.


Perhaps you have something you like to share?

Whether it’s Golfing, Taking Photos or anything you do in your spare time, It’s a passion.

Some of the values that dictates your passion Mindset, Physical, Mental side of it, Various stages can be said about how you do it.

Like me I want to give you most for your time and effort that you want out of life, Imagine being able to focus on your one true passion and do it 100% all the time.


-> Show me the Gold at the end of the Rainbow.


 Inspire Others

Be yourself, One of the most motivating things I get for both my online marketing and gaming is from my Partner, She is 100% supportive of me all the time which can help alot and that potential focus on your self.

Reading books and articles such as this one and gaining knowledge can get you ahead, plan to set some goals in life and stick to them, you won’t regret it.

Sit back and relax at night, watch some tv or something you might do instead, jot some ideas down on paper, blogging in it’s own right can lead to your own piece of mine.

Learn to believe in yourself and no one can stop you from becoming what you want to be….


-> What does this all mean? I Want to Learn More!


Inspire Others

Alot of self development can be had if taken a bit each take and put back into yourself.

Check out Tony Robbins, He is famous for his motivational training and on stage speaking, his influence around the world makes him more dollars in a day then we can dream in our life time.

For now that’s all from me, I leave you with this video of my Game Section in the works.

Smashidn Gaming

Inspire others

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2013 Helping you to Succeed


images42G’Day Folks,

Another great day in paradise, I want to help others to succeed in making money online.

Working from home can be one of the most easiest tasks you can ever do in your life, If you   are looking to quit your job and if or not already in the process of doing this….


Then you are already in the mind frame and changing your mind set to look on this new life  style that your interested in.

In 2013 Helping you to Succeed today will be my mission to turn your life around for the better.


-> I want to Join David Show me how!


I learned an interesting lesson from my mentor as explained, “I want to change, one says to his mentor.” As they were out swimming, The mentor asks…. “Come closer, Do you trust me?” The student replies “Yes” as approached, once again “Do you really trust me?” and in reply “Yes, Yes I do” so the mentor pushes his student’s head under water.

As this process happens, the student holds his breathe and trusts that his mentor is doing the right thing, 2 minutes has nearly gone by and the student starts to get a bit anxious and begins to wave his hands around….. After 3 minutes the student is flaying around wanting to come up for air. The mentor proceeds and lets him up.

The student comes up gasping for air fighting for his life, In the words of his mentor, “If  you want to change and be successful…. You must fight for it.”

This example i have explained to you means this person fought for there life to breathe.

If you want to make a change today then you have to be prepared to do what ever it takes to be free of the system and change your mindset, goals, values and be ready to learn.




-> Not sure about this. I need more Info.



 2013 Helping you to Succeed

Lets not get ahead of our selves here, I work with people every day and help continuously I also take the time to keep learning and upgrade my self to better pastures and be the person I want to be.

Make this your year to be better, stronger, smarter with what ever you might be doing.

Loving you all for now.

End of this segment

2013 Helping you to Succeed

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